Our Shared Safety Net

Our shared safety net 

Do grandparents live far away? Isn’t there anyone in your circle of friends to share your thoughts with or ask for help with daily housework or with the kids?  

Shared safety net –project is for families who identifies themselves to have thin safety net. Family evening Cafes started on May 2023 in Laivapuisto in the center of Tampere on Wednesdays at 4.30 PM and other Family Evening Cafes are starting on August 2023 in Härmälä and Tesoma on Tuesdays at 4.30 PM. Events are starting on June with different themes every time. We also offer support groups.  Keep posted! If you are interested in volunteer work in this project, don’t hesitate to contact us via our netpage’s contact form, email, social media or phone 😊  

Family Evening Cafe 

Family Evening Cafe provides a meeting place for families. Parents have a possibility to meet other parents and share thoughts with them, while children make new friends and enjoy our toy collection. There is also some organised activity you can participate if you want. 

Family Evening Cafe is open for all the families. Welcome! 


Events have different themes every time. For examble lectures of different topics, trips to nature etc. 

Support groups 

Support groups are starting in September in Härmälä and Laivapuisto.  Groups are for families who want to get to know other parents and children. Groups are for parents and children and there is common activity at each session.

More information from our coordinators.