Friend for an immigrant mum

Need a finnish friend or want to know more about the multicultural friendship programme?

If you are intrested in having a finnish friend or you want further information about the program, please contact us.

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* Tähdellä merkityt kentät ovat pakollisia.


Here at the Tampere department of MLL we also offer a chance to participate in multicultural activity. Finnish-speaking, reliable volunteers are given an introduction in to volunteering by our organization. Following this they are matched with a new friend from a different nationality.


The aim of this programme is to help people of other nationalities get to know Finland - to practise the language and learn about Finnish customs. The programme also provides an opportunity for the volunteers to learn about other cultures - and of course to make new friends!


We organise multicultural events at Laivapuisto for the participants, and offer guidance if needed. Both the volunteer and their new friend often bring their children along for the meetings, for example to the playground or for a walk in the city.


It's a wonderful opportunity to get to know new people - join us!

To find out more, stop by or contact us at:

Tiiliruukinkatu 1
33200 Tampere
tel. 050 400 8306 (Mon - Fri between 9 am and 3 pm)
essi.pakarinen (at)