Divorce Families

Our divorce services are meant for families considering divorce, in divorce process or after the divorce. We provide support through discussions with our divorce workers (also in English). 

Divorce services (page in Finnish)

Support for families in divorce can be booked with our divorce workers. 

Service is also in English.

Services for the step families (page in Finnish)

Step families can get support for their special needs from our experts.

Service is also in English.

Family Meetings

The family meeting service is for divorced parents who live apart and don't have a suitable place to spend time with their children. The point of the service is to support and maintain the relationship between parents and children despite the divorce and to provide a neutral place for their meetings.

Parenting plan (pdf)

A parenting plan is intended to provide support and serve as a tool for parenting after a divorce or separation.
Parenting plan, Part 1: Information for parents (pdf)
Parenting plan, Part 2: Instructions for preparing a plan (pdf)


For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.