Kipparit Day Group

Kipparit ("Skippers" in English) is a day group for children (aged 2 to 5) living in Tampere.


The day group is a great alternative for children who do not require daycare but an organised day group instead. The group is for 3 hours a day, twice or three times a week. We work closely with the parents and provide the children with a fun couple of hours with music, art, playtime and stories.


Every day we enjoy the outdoors in the nearby playground. The children learn how to interact with others in the group, practise good manners and learn to look after their belongings and the surrounding environment. We also have a volunteer Grandparent attending that helps us bridge the gap between the generations.


You must apply for a place in the day group. To learn more about Kipparit and how to apply for city funding, please come and see us at Laivapuisto.


Tiiliruukinkatu 1

33200 Tampere

tel. 03-2130721

email laivapuistonperhetalo (at)