Family Meetings for Divorced Parents and Their Children

A possibility to meet in a cosy place

The family meeting service is for divorced parents who live apart and don't have a suitable place to spend time with their children. Families can meet in our cosy meeting place in Laivapuisto Family Center, free of charge. The point of the service is to support and maintain the relationship between parents and children despite the divorce and to provide a neutral place for their meetings.

Laivapuisto Family Center is located in the center of Tampere, close to Hämeenpuisto and Laukontori. In the meeting place you can for example play, read, cook and just relax with your children. There is a parking place (parking fee required) and a public playground next to Laivapuisto Family Center.


Parents contact our office (contact information below) and make an appointment with our employee. The employee introduces the meeting place and explains the practicalities and the rules of the service. Family's wishes and individual situation are taken into account when planning the meetings. Parents can reserve the meeting place for one meeting or several meetings.

A trained volunteer is waiting for the family in the meeting place. Parents and children are not left alone, but the volunteer gives them space and privacy. The volunteer can help the family for example with childcare if necessary. Meetings are usually max. 3 hours long.


The place can't be used for supervised or subsidized meetings. The parents are always in charge of their children. We don't make any records or reports of the families using the service.  Family meetings are based on voluntary work and trust. It's not a municipal social service.

Principles of using the meeting place:

  • Families must comply with the reservation time. In case of cancellation, parents must contact the office. 
  • It is not allowed to come to the meetings intoxicated.
  • Arguing between parents is not tolerated.
  • Children and their well-being are always the priority.


Anne Haring
050 572 4691