Day Group Kipparit

Kipparit ("Skippers") is a day group for children aged 2-5 living in Tampere or Pirkkala. Kipparit is a great alternative for children who don't need daycare but regular group activity of another kind instead. Kipparit gathers twice a week, 3 hours a time.

The day group is led by our qualified workers. Cooperation and interaction with families is an important value for us. We also have volunteer "grandparents" and interns to play with children.

Kipparit in Laivapuisto Family Center, Tampere
Group 1: Monday 9-12 and Wednesday 9-12
Group 2: Thursday 9-12 and Friday 9-12

Kipparit in Pereenkulma Family Center, Pirkkala
Tuesday 9-12 and Thursday 9-12

What we do in Kipparit Day Group

  • we play both indoors and outdoors
  • we read and write stories
  • we draw and paint
  • we listen to music and play it ourselves
  • we learn good manners and how to interact with others
  • we learn how to take care of our belongings and the surrounding environment

How to join Kipparit Day Group

To bring your child to the day group, you must apply for a place. You have a possibility to have a city funding

Please, contact Laivapuisto Family Center or Pereenkulma Family Center depending on which place is better for you. We will tell you more!

Contact information